Basic Wide Computer Wall Cabinet, 28.8"W x 21.5"H x 4"D, WALLAroo 51250 Series

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This wall mounted desktop workstation kit comes with a monitor mount, mouse house, keyboard mount, and cable management clips. Pre-cut cable access and ventilation holes make this workstation simple and easy to install. With a 4” depth it’s perfect for medical facility rooms and corridors as well as schools and offices.

  • 4” depth, can be installed in a hallway or room
  • 2 secure lock options
  • Door can be automatically self-closing or manual close
  • Can be recessed in wall
  • Vents for optimum air flow
  • Cut-outs for easy installation and power
  • Cord access holes and cord management clips
  • Velcro for keyboard
  • Includes: monitor mount, mouse house, keyboard mount and cable management clips
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Product Width 22"-29"
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