Custom Paper Charting Toolkit with 1" Binders (Set of 25)

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Streamline your paper charting system and keep your facility prepared for EMR downtimes with this complete, customized charting toolkit from Carstens. The toolkit features 25 of our heavy duty, plastic 1" chart binders (choose from 13 colors), each including:

  • An 11-tab plastic divider set – you customize the tab titles, colors and sequence
  • 1 Diagonal cut binder pocket
  • 1 Double binder pocket
  • 2 Sheet lifters
  • Adhesive pocket for an ID card


The toolkit also comes with 100 blank ID cards in your choice of 19 colors. This is an all-in-one solution for bringing efficiency, consistency and readiness to your paper charting system, so you can minimize the disruption of EMR downtime.

Customize your kit below:

Carstens custom charting toolkits eliminate the time and effort of compiling patient charting supplies so staff can maximize their productivity during EMR downtime. They allow you to create a uniform organization template for your facility, and help you stay compliant with Federal Emergency Regulations & Guidelines

With one simple order, you can stock your facility with a complete charting system that’s ready to go. And because it’s from Carstens, you know it’s built to last.

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